5 Keys to Safe Swimming Success

Before you spend too much time in the pool, make sure to read our 5 keys to safe swimming success.

These tips are going to sound a little scary, so I apologize for that; however, it is better to be scared by information that will help you, rather than a scary situation where you are not prepared—am I right? Having said that, here are ways to have a successful swim.

  1. Avoid undesignated or unauthorized swim areas. If there isn’t a lifeguard present (or a responsible adult), don’t swim.
  2. Pay attention to weather & warning signs. If there is a sign that says, “No Diving”—Don’t dive; A sign that says, “No Running”—Don’t run; “No Swimming”—Don’t swim! I think you get the point. Also, watch for bad weather. Lightening can strike anywhere.
  3. Protect your skin. Apply SPF 15 or higher before going out and reapply every couple of hours while outside.
  4. Avoid drugs or alcohol. Obviously, drugs and alcohol impair judgment and rational decision-making ability. Do not add these factors into your swimming habits.  The two together will increase the risk of having an accident.
  5. Learn how to swim. This is a given, right? But for those who never plan on getting in deep water—they may not even think about it. Knowing the basics of swimming, such as floating on your back, is instrumental to safe swimming.

It’s more educational than scary really, but it pays to know ahead of time. Find out more about swim safety in your area. Have fun and play it safe while in and around water! 🙂