5 Tips to a Better Mood in Less Than a Minute!

We all need a quick pick-me-up now and then. Here’s our go-to list when we’re feeling a little down.
1. Light your favorite smelling candle and burn away those anxieties. Psychologists note that vanilla especially has the tendency to relax us as the scent moves through the air around us.

2. Throw on some lip gloss. Bonus points for fruity flavors! There’s something about shimmery, good smelling (and tasty) lips that just makes you smile.

3. Turn up the music. But not the loud angry kind that can encourage you to stay in a negative mindset. How about something fun that made you laugh with friends over the years? Memories are so closely tied to music that you can virtually time travel with the right playlist in hand.

4. Lather on that hand lotion you had tucked away for just this occasion. Keep it in your desk drawer, your backpack or some other place that’s always in arm’s reach. Lotions with sweet notes may be just the thing you need to lift your spirits with a little midday pampering.

5. Pop in that piece of gum. Research has shown that chewing gum can have positive effects on mental health, including helping you relax and calming anxieties. Less anxiety means a greater chance for a better mood!
Choose your favorite from the list the next time you need a little mood boost, or be daring and try all of them!