Ensure Your Car is Ready for the Winter Months

There are many things that occur when winter comes around.  One thing that often happens, and is often overlooked, is the amount of car troubles that come up.  Join us in being prepared this winter and staying ahead of the game.  The following are items that you should carry in your car during winter months when weather is a major threat.  Your safety is our priority.

  1. Portable charger. Cell phones are our lifelines these days, and they die.  Make sure that you have a portable charger available in the case of an emergency.
  2. Jumper cables. Cold temperatures can weaken your car battery.  You might notice when starting your car on cold winter mornings that your car can be sluggish.  Oftentimes the battery won’t die, but it definitely can.  So, make sure you have jumper cables in your car.  Then, if your battery were to ever die, you would be prepared.
  3. Warm blanket or blankets. I know it seems silly, but if you are stranded on the side of the road, with your car broken down, your heat may not work.  In addition, you will be begging for extra warmth until help arrives.  So, be sure you have several warm blankets in your car so you can bundle up and stay warm if you ever need to.
  4. A flashlight. I know, we all have our phones.  But again, what if it dies?  And honestly, even if your phone isn’t dead, that is not a feature that the phone has mastered yet.  The phone’s flashlight doesn’t even compare to the strength of an actual flashlight.  If it is dark, and you have to open your hood to jump your car, or you’re broken down and need to get your ice scraper out of the dash, you will need a flashlight to find your way.
  5. Ice scraper. This is an item that you will need to use every single day from the start of cold temps through the end of winter.  Even if you have the luxury to park in a garage at night, there is a slim chance that your office has covered parking.  An ice scraper is a must and you need to be sure that you keep it in your car at all times.

Please note, all of these items are very affordable and will benefit you in the long run.  Be smart, make sure you have these items in your car this winter!