Reasons Procrastination Isn’t Good

Putting things off seems like the easy way out.  But it’s not, trust me!  When you put things off to do at a later time, it will eventually sneak up on you and cause more trouble than if you just did it sooner.  Keep reading to find the reasons why you must quit procrastinating.

  1. It’s going to be a challenge whenever you do it.  A lot of times we procrastinate because it seems like the easier option.  Procrastination often stems from difficulty.  For example: writing that research paper seems too hard right now, so if I push it off… it may be better/easier to do later on.  Stop doing that.  It won’t get easier.  The assignment is going to be the same at a “later time.”  And honestly, if you push it off, it will get harder with the tight deadline you have created for yourself.  Don’t create more pressure for your situation!
  2. Remember your future. You never ever know what could come up!  Life is so unexpected.  If you put something off until “tomorrow” because you have time… that is not smart.  Something could come up tomorrow, like an emergency, that you’ll have to take care of and that “time” you thought you had, is no longer time that you can spend on whatever project it may be.
  3. Do it for your health. I touched on it with #1, but pushing things off and waiting until last minute often creates stress.  As you know, stress is not good for your health.  Not to mention, this type of stress is self-induced.  So just avoid it by not pushing things off!
  4. Procrastination often looks sloppy. When you push things off, you typically put yourself up against a tight deadline.  When you are working up against a tight deadline, often times quality is sacrificed.

Don’t push off things for tomorrow when they can be done today!