Thinking About an Abortion in Ft. Worth Checklist

We’ve put together a checklist for women seeking abortion in Ft. Worth so you have an action plan if you’re considering all of the options available to you. If you’re staring at a positive pregnancy test and freaking out [and NOT in a good way!], you may be feeling like you need to just get this taken care of, and F-A-S-T.  So, take a deep breath, slow down for a few minutes to read our tips, and know that we totally have you covered!

  • Lab-quality pregnancy testing—Let’s chat about that at-home pregnancy test that you took. While you may have grabbed the bargain one from the dollar store or the high-end one from the pharmacy, there is no substitute for having a lab-quality test administered by a licensed medical professional. Isn’t your peace of mind worth checking out our free pregnancy testing services with the best pregnancy tests available?
  • Limited ultrasound exams— A positive pregnancy test does not signify a viable pregnancy. Women have had positive tests that still result in a miscarriage.  The way to know if the pregnancy is viable is through an ultrasound, performed by a medical professional.  If there is not a viable pregnancy, our medical team will alert you to the signs of a miscarriage and how to care for yourself. This prevents you from paying for and undergoing an unnecessary abortion procedure. Our trained staff can provide you a no-cost ultrasound, allowing you determine your next steps based upon this important information.
  • STI/STD testing services— When you’re putting your abortion plan together, after you’ve confirmed your pregnancy and that it’s viable (meaning that it doesn’t look like you’re going to miscarry), you definitely need to check out one more thing. Active STI’s or STD’s and an abortion procedure are a bad combination. Your future reproductive health and even your life can be at-risk if you don’t have yourself tested and if necessary, treated. Our licensed medical professionals can provide you with free testing if you’re experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and considering abortion in Ft. Worth. Why risk your future when you have a place you can go to get checked out at NO-COST to you?

Because we’re a non-profit, pro-women’s health center, specializing in unplanned pregnancy and abortion decisions, we can offer ALL of our services at absolutely NO-COST to you! You don’t have to worry about those pesky insurance claims or copays. We don’t profit from any pregnancy or abortion decision that our patients make, so you can know with great confidence that our only goal is to serve you and help you make the best decision for Y-O-U!

So, what are you waiting for? We’re ready for you! Call or schedule an appointment online today!