Community Referrals

Our community referrals include:

  • Financial and housing assistance
  • Licensed counseling
  • Domestic violence support
  • Adoption agencies
  • Material assistance
  • Employment assistance
  • Education programs
  • Addiction recovery
  • And more

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    Clients are saying

    "It was pleasant and friendly, I would refer a friend and come again. "
    Katie, Age 27
    "It was great. I didn't feel judged or forced into anything I didn't want to do. "
    Felicia, Age 19
    "I felt really welcomed and cared for. Everything was just great and the staff were very nice. "
    Destiny, Age 34
    "Overall I felt very comfortable and not judged. I gained a lot of helpful information. "
    Haley, Age 24
    "They were very understanding and didn’t try to rush me or talk me into doing anything I didn’t want to do. "
    Bianca, Age 22
    "Everyone was very nice and they respect your decisions. "
    Leslie, age 17
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