All of our services are provided at no cost to our clients. The Fort Worth Pregnancy Center is a non-profit organization funded by private donors, foundations and grants.

You do not need insurance. All services are completely free of charge and there is no insurance billing.

Appointments are recommended to avoid wait time, but walk-ins are welcome.

Please bring a photo ID to your appointment.

Our urine-based tests are laboratory rated and 99% accurate.

Our pregnancy tests can often detect a women’s hCG level as early as 10 days after conception (21-24 days after the first day of your last period), although some women’s hCG level is not detectable until at least one week after a missed period.

Yes, you may be scheduled for another test. The hCG hormone concentration doubles approximately every 2.2 days during the first 3 months of pregnancy.

Your first appointment will be to confirm pregnancy with our laboratory-quality pregnancy test. This establishes you as a client of the Center. Clients may then be scheduled for an ultrasound at a following appointment based on the results of the first appointment.

The Center performs a limited ultrasound that determines:

  1. Gestational age (how far along you are)
  2. Viability (pregnancy is in the uterus and a fetal heartbeat is detected)
  3. Single versus multiple pregnancy (i.e. twins)

If our licensed sonographer sees anything of concern during your sonogram, she will instruct you so that you may seek appropriate medical attention. Additionally, all sonograms are reviewed by the Center’s Medical Director.

It’s important to know that your pregnancy is healthy and progressing normally. That’s why you need prenatal care with an OB/GYN or midwife.

We do not do gender reveal sonograms.

We do not provide prenatal care.  You will need to schedule regular checkups with a doctor or midwife clinic. We can provide you with a referral for prenatal care and assist you with the process of applying for prenatal coverage through Medicaid.

Your privacy is important to us. We do not disclose your information to anyone outside of the Center without your permission. To see our privacy policy, click here.

All communication is confidential, and a client’s permission is necessary to release any information to outside persons, except for limitations required by law in the State of Texas. Exceptions to confidentiality may include: reasonable suspicion of child abuse, including statutory rape; incidents of elder abuse; determination that a client is a danger to self or to others; a client’s written request directing the Center to provide to specified individuals or agencies; or the Center is ordered by a court to disclose information.

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Clients are saying

"Wonderful, helpful & caring. Most importantly, I don’t feel judged. "
Brianna, Age 17
"I felt like they really cared about my situation and they were very helpful. "
Claudia, Age 29
"Very nice and helpful – no judgement and gave lots of good information."
Viviana, Age 24
"I feel like I can make the best informed decisions given my circumstances in my life. "
Isabel, Age 19
"It was beyond more than what I expected. Very friendly and kind. "
Selena, Age 33
"Very helpful and informative. Ladies were kind and compassionate. "
Danielle, Age 21
"I felt comforted that they seemed to truly care about me. I would tell any friend to come here. "
Evelyn, Age 31
"The most helpful information I received was knowing this is my decision and I do have the support I need."
Alina, Age 16
"I didn’t know what I was walking into but they’re great! Love the atmosphere! "
Sasha, Age 20
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