Pre-Abortion Screening

Are you considering the abortion pill or an in-clinic abortion for your unexpected pregnancy? Searching online, talking to friends, and an at home pregnancy test can only get you so far.

Medical verification of pregnancy and confirmation of how many weeks you are, will be a critical step in making your next decision.

A medically based, in office pre-abortion screening will provide you with:

  • Medical verification of your pregnancy
  • Ultrasound examination
  • Assessment of the viability of your pregnancy
  • Estimation of how many weeks you are into the pregnancy
  • Consultation with a medical professional to review your options

Your appointment is completely confidential and completely free.

Please note, our center does not perform nor refer for abortions.

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Clients are saying

"It was pleasant and friendly, I would refer a friend and come again. "
Katie, Age 27
"It was great. I didn't feel judged or forced into anything I didn't want to do. "
Felicia, Age 19
"I felt really welcomed and cared for. Everything was just great and the staff were very nice. "
Destiny, Age 34
"Overall I felt very comfortable and not judged. I gained a lot of helpful information. "
Haley, Age 24
"They were very understanding and didn’t try to rush me or talk me into doing anything I didn’t want to do. "
Bianca, Age 22
"Everyone was very nice and they respect your decisions. "
Leslie, age 17
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