7 Ways to Pamper Yourself on a Budget

We are always go, go, go these days and rarely do we make time for ourselves. Between work, personal lives and school—the juggle is real (along with the struggle!) Whether you get too wrapped up in deadlines or it’s a financial reason, don’t sell yourself short. You need YOU time and we got you covered. We’ve listed 7 ways to pamper yourself on a budget—so no excuses.

Before we begin, a couple of points. If you’re like me, you live by calendars and agendas—once it’s scheduled, it’s a go. So, the first thing you need to do is schedule your “me time”. Every week, block out a couple of hours or a day on the weekend to pamper yourself. Also, make sure to budget a weekly “pamper allowance” into your budget. It can be included in your “entertainment” envelope if you use the budget envelope system. Now here we go.

  • Bath soak. At under $10 (and depending on which kind, one purchase could last a week or more) for a good bath soak, this could be a nightly or every other night type of thing. For those DIYers, there are also home recipes for making your own bath bomb. One night could be a muscle ache soak, the next night you may opt for a soothing fragrant one, then a luxurious bubble bath; the possibilities are plentiful.
  • Massage. Check out area trade schools for deals. Many have a working massage clinic for students nearing graduation. It gives them experience and additional training and you a time of tension relief—a win/win. I have seen schools offering chair massages starting at $15.
  • Solo Chic Flick Movie Night In. Throw on the comfy clothes, pop the popcorn and grab that Notebook, Princess Bride or Titanic In addition to the unwind, lounge time, a solo movie night in means you don’t have to worry about anyone seeing you ugly cry. So, snuggle up and don’t forget the tissue!
  • Buy a book. There has been a book that you have had your eye on for some time. Now’s your time—buy it.
  • Café Chill. You know that neat little café that has the books? Spend a couple of hours there, reading or listening to a local artist perform with your sandwich and hot tea. Mmmm, food and atmosphere.
  • Mani/Pedi. We usually feel better when our nails are pretty. Sometimes we get too busy to either have them done or do them ourselves. If you are a “get them done” type, look on Groupon for local deals for mani/pedis. If you’re a “do-it yourself” kinda gal, spend some time soaking, trimming and filing your nails. Then give them a hot new shade or clear shine coat.
  • Grab a meal with a friend. Having close friends is so important. Sometimes when we get so busy, we forget to connect. So not only is grabbing coffee or lunch with a friend important for you, but it’s important for your friendships—another win/win.

There is so much more that can be added to the list. If you are more of an extrovert and what recharges you is just being around people, then add people to the mix. For instance, instead of solo movie night—make it a girl’s movie night!

The key point to take away from this is the importance of making time for you. So, whatever re-energizes you and gives you that needed mental/physical/emotional break. Yes, there are deadlines and priorities that need to be met, but your health and well-being is also a priority and needs to always be treated as such.

Because we can make a habit out of pushing our minds and bodies to the limit, we take for granted that they can consistently handle it; but the truth is—there’s only so much we can mentally and physically take before we give out. So be dedicated. Not only to your work and school, but to yourself. Have fun!