Why Ultrasounds Matter

Our medical staff provides qualified clients with a free ultrasound to confirm a viable pregnancy. Approximately 10% to 20% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage, most often in the first trimester. Determining the viability of your pregnancy is essential for making an informed pregnancy decision and knowing what to expect.

We will assess your pregnancy for possible miscarriage symptoms, ectopic pregnancy, and blighted ovum. You will find out how far along you are and whether or not the pregnancy is likely to continue. An obstetric ultrasound can help determine:

  • The approximate age of your pregnancy
  • If the pregnancy is viable
  • If there is a potentially life-threatening ectopic (tubal) pregnancy
  • Abortion methods by trimester (which can determine cost and types)
  • If your pregnancy is developing under normal conditions
  • Whether or not you are carrying a single fetus or multiples (depending on gestational age)

Do I Need an Ultrasound Before an Abortion?

If you have scheduled an abortion or considering the abortion pill, an ultrasound should be performed prior to a procedure or taking abortion pills. For your health and safety, it’s important to rule out an ectopic pregnancy and talk to a nurse about your health history and medications. An ultrasound can also help determine the cost and type of an abortion.

What You Need to Know

Ultrasounds are performed by a registered diagnostic medical sonographer (RDMS) or a registered nurse sonographer and are reviewed by our Medical Director.

Ultrasounds are not offered as a first appointment. At your initial appointment, we will establish you as a client and confirm your pregnancy with a lab-quality test. 

The medical team will then assess if and when we can schedule you for a follow-up ultrasound appointment. Sometimes an ultrasound will be offered the same day, depending on availability and medical team approval.