9 Ways to Stay Mentally Alert and Focused

We all have too much to do and not enough time to do it. It’s important to remember that in the hustle and bustle of our busy days, we need to keep our minds focused and alert. Here are ways to stay mentally alert and focused so we are able to handle everything we need to throughout the week:

  • Sleep. Sleep plays a significant role in the production of our lives. Without it, we aren’t able to function well.
  • Eating Healthy. Healthy eating is good for our bodies as a whole. Not only do we feel better physically, we have a better perception of ourselves on a psychological level. It is also said that there are certain foods that actually improve our brain function. These “brain” foods include blueberries, caffeine and fish. Here’s a list according to WebMD.
  • With exercise, we feel better and our mood and emotions are enhanced.
  • Daily Quiet Time. No distractions. No noise or notifications. Just you in deep thought, focusing all your energy on one thing—whatever that may be to you.
  • Social Activity. We need social exchange. Card games, charades and checkers are examples of mental stimulation with others.
  • Mental Challenges. Sudoku, crossword puzzles, word games—these require flexing the mind muscles.
  • Vitamin B12. One of the tests generally conducted by neurologists to determine cause for memory loss is for a B12 deficiency. Low B12 can cause less than optimal brain function. As long as you’re eating fish and chicken, you should be getting enough B12 naturally. For vegetarians, try a fortified breakfast cereal.
  • Listening to music can do a multitude of things, depending on what type. For focus, a light symphony sound or soothing nature tunes can help. For alertness, maybe before a competition or workout, whatever music pumps you up will do the trick.
  • Digital Media Break. Not only does lengthy exposure to digital devices cause eye strain and headaches, it has a negative effect on our psyche as well. We have everything we ever want (or not really want) to know right at our fingertips. In an instant, we have an information overload which leads to lack of concentration and focus. Bouncing from one topic to the next for extended periods of time can spark in us a digital attention deficit. In addition, social media can create unhealthy emotional reactions and lead us to obsessive comparison disorder.

Take care and when focusing on your fitness, don’t forget your mind!