The Easy and Budget-Friendly Way to Color Eggs for Easter

Some people decorate their Easter eggs with store bought color tabs, while others use tissue paper or paint. For this article, I am going to tell you about the easy and budget-friendly way to color eggs for Easter using Kool-Aid—no vinegar or boiled water needed!
As probably everyone is aware, Kool-Aid is an affordable, great tasting drink that comes in a variety of flavors; however, everyone may not know about its egg coloring ability. I guess it would make sense that it could color something considering the colored mustache you have after drinking it.
Now, what you need is:
* Cooled and dry hard-boiled eggs
* A flat, clutter-free surface (floor or table)
* Newspaper to protect the surface from stains
* Glass cups or bowls deep enough for the egg to be completely submerged
* 1 envelope of Kool-Aid for each color desired (*tip* grape is very dark; pink or regular lemonade is very pale)
* 2/3 cup of water (can be tap, not boiled)
* Tongs if you want stain-free fingers (or here’s some tips on getting Kool-Aid stains off of fingers)
Start with clean hands. Lay the newspaper down and put the cups on the surface. Mix the Kool-Aid packet with 2/3 cup of water, one per cup. Dip the egg in the mix, repositioning to get an even coloring, for about 3-5 minutes each. Repeat until all eggs are colored.
Use the eggs in baskets or for Easter egg hunts, but remember these important food safety tips:
* Put them in the fridge within 2 hours after they were boiled
* If you are planning to eat them after a hunt, do not eat any with a cracked shell
* Store shelled hard-boiled eggs in the fridge, but eat within 7 days of boiling
Have fun and enjoy!