#FWPCcares: How to Master a Job Interview

Job interview.  Sounds scary, huh?  The two words together, job + interview, seem to scare most women at this stage in life.  Whether you are getting ready to graduate high school, or college, if it isn’t “that time yet” it will be soon.

So, what about it makes it so scary?  Is it because you just want the job so bad that you are worried about messing up?  Or is it that you don’t even know what you want, and you don’t even know how to act?  Or maybe it is none of the above, but you have your own reason.  Well, fear not… we have pointers to help prep you for your interview.  The best advice we have for you while you are prepping for your interview is this:

  • Do your research! In order to feel confident and knowledgeable during your interview, it is important to know what you are interviewing for, and most importantly what/who the company is.  TIP:  you will impress your interviewer if you ask direct questions about the company.  It will show that you have done your research and show that you are very interested in the company as whole.
  • Before applying, update your resume. Nothing is worse than sending in an outdated resume.  I mean, it is for YOUR benefit to have your most updated skills and talents on the resume.  Make sure the resume tells just who you are and all that you are capable of.  This will ensure that you set yourself up for success while you are interviewing.
  • Dress for success. Ever heard the expression, “look good, feel good”?  It’s true.  Dress up!  Dress professional.  The person interviewing you will be impressed with your level of professionalism and will take you more seriously than if you did not dress up.  Why not impress them?
  • Get there early! But not too early ????.  You want to seem eager and on time, but not too eager and desperate.  Show up for your interview right at 10-15 minutes early.  Always play it safe.  And make sure that they don’t have to wait on you.
  • Be sure to ask questions at the end! It’s always great to ask at least two questions during the interview.  Don’t just sit there and answer all their questions, be sure to engage and have questions in return.  It is okay if you don’t have any to ask during the main part of the interview, but always have a couple of questions prepared for the end!
  • Lastly, remember… first impressions are everything! Be sure to leave a lasting, GOOD, first impression!

You’re going to do great.  We have all the confidence in the world in YOU.