Holiday season is officially here and in full force!

Shopping for Christmas gifts can be a daunting mission, but sometimes it helps to keep it simple. A Christmas present should first and foremost be thoughtful and personal, it doesn’t need to be expensive and grand. Homemade gifts crafted with care are sometimes the best way to convey the spirit of Christmas! Here are some timeless and ageless DIY classics:

  1. Framed photos – to make this more personal, you can frame them in a hand-painted wooden frame. Also, on the topic of photos…
  2. Photo coasters – instead of framing the pictures and sticking them on a shelf, you can decorate the photos on coasters, so they are more practical!
  3. Knitted scarf and matching socks!
  4. Canvas quote – paint their favorite quote on a canvas – or, if you’re not a painter, go to Michael’s and get some stencils or adhesives.
  5. Pumpkin chocolate chip bread, homemade Chex Mix, or another holiday loaf or treat will make a great gift.
  6. Gift basket – arrange assorted odds and ends in a cute basket – it can be anything from old memories and keepsakes to candy and lotions.
  7. Homemade soap or face scrub – there are lots of easy and fun recipes for making sweet-smelling and cleansing soaps or scrubs which make excellent quality, all-natural gifts without paying for the “organic” label.
  8. Recipe book – especially between sisters or for people who love to cook, putting together a collection of family and famous recipes in a scrapbook is always a favorite!
  9. Sharpie mugs – get a white mug from the dollar store, and personalize it with sharpies!
  10. Write them a love letter – sit down and take the time to tell them why they are special to you.

This year for the holidays, don’t break the bank and don’t stress over getting the perfect gift! Give your loved ones something that was a labor of love that they can cherish for years to come.


~By Colleen McCrum