How to Help a Friend with an Unplanned Pregnancy

About 50% of all pregnancies in the United States are unplanned*, yet an unexpected pregnancy can make many women feel alone in the universe. If you have a friend facing an unplanned pregnancy, these tips can help you provide support and love.

  1. Be there for her. A woman who finds out she is unexpectedly pregnant needs to know that she is not alone. She needs to feel your arms around her and hear that you’ve got her back and she is loved.
  2. Listen to her. Be a safe, caring place for her to open up about her feelings and weigh her options. She’s probably already down on herself for getting pregnant, so be a source of judgement-free compassion.
  3. Help her. Your friend may be too overwhelmed to know how to start or where to go. You don’t have all the answers, but you can help her find them. Guide her to a pregnancy counselor who can help her consider all of her pregnancy options. The Fort Worth Pregnancy Center offers this service at no charge, regardless of insurance or income.
  4. Encourage her. Lift her up. Let her know that she is strong and capable and not alone. Remind her of tough challenges she has overcome in the past. Encourage her to research her options and to be fully informed before making a decision that will impact the rest of her life. Be her advocate, offering words of encouragement and love.
  5. Stand with her – especially if your friend needs you to stand in the gap for who is not there to support her. Help her research her resources. Go with her to appointments. Let her feel that you will be there through it all.

Going through an unplanned pregnancy can be scary and overwhelming for anyone. The support of a friend can make all the difference on the journey. More than anything, your compassionate, judgement-free care can give her the strength and peace she needs to persevere.

If you have a friend facing an unplanned pregnancy, or if you are facing one, the Fort Worth Pregnancy Center is here to help. We have client advocates specially trained to help every step of the way. From providing an open, caring place to discuss feelings and options, to helping find the resources that will be needed, our advocates are here to help women transform the fear of an unplanned pregnancy into confidence and hope for the future.

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* Source: U.S. Department of Health & Human Services