How To Stay Safe On A Night Out

As August is almost here, and college is quickly approaching… we are coming upon a time where more and more women will be going out in college towns.  When we go out as women, there are several things we need to be aware of and make sure that we pay attention to.

Be sure to take the following precautions when you go out and don’t be afraid to ask for help!

  • Go out in groups. There really is safety in numbers.  Generally, a group of 3-5 is a safe number to go out with.  Be sure to always have your cell handy, group up, and over communicate with the group you are out with!  Be sure one other person knows where you are at all times.
  • Carry the essentials. There are a couple items that we can carry with us in our purses that will make us 10 times safer than if we were to go without them.
    • The obvious cell phone.  If you do not have your phone, you have no way to communicate with anyone.  If you are in need of help, or just need to arrange a ride, you will need your phone.
    • Pepper spray.  It is easy to think you’ll never be attacked.  And although we hope that rings true… just carry the pepper spray as a precaution.  Seriously… better safe than sorry.
  • Walk where there is plenty of lighting. When you are on your way to and from your destination, make sure that your path is in well-lit areas.
  • Prepare for your night out by doing the following:
    • Write down important numbers. Your phone could break, get lost, or die while you are out on the town.  It is important to have important numbers written down and stored in a safe place.  In any event you had to borrow a phone, you would at least have phone numbers readily available.
    • Secure someone you can call in case of an emergency. Before you leave for the night, be sure someone is on standby in case you need a ride at the end of the night.
  • Know the safe words. Did you know that there are safe words at bars and restaurants that can help you get out of unsafe situations?  With the growing popularity of online dating, this means that people are constantly meeting up with strangers in unfamiliar settings.  Advertising the “Angel Shot” is a growing trend across the country to help combat this scary reality.  First of all, the “Angel Shot” is not a shot, it is code.  A person can order an angel shot and the bar tender or waiter/waitress will help them get out of the unsafe situation they are in.  *Please note: These code words aren’t always “Angel Shot”. Each establishment posts their own code in the women’s restroom, so that men can’t understand that the women are signaling for help.  Not sure if your destination has a code word?  Find out where you are going and call ahead.  It is best to know your surroundings and the ways to get help if you need it! *
  • Get the Companion app. This app is your personal security solution app and will make sure that you make it to your destination safe and sound, and that your friends and family know that you made it!  So you are probably asking… how does it work?
    • Enter your destination
      • Plug in your destination, or select Wander Mode to roam about freely
    • Add friends/family
      • Add family & friends from your contact book to monitor your location and status in real-time.
    • Feeling nervous or scared?
      • If you feel nervous at any point, let your friends and family (companions) know, and help other users nearby.
    • If it is more urgent than notifying your friends and family, contact 9-1-1.
      • Alert your local police & receive help with just one tap.

*Click here for more information about Companion


College is a lot of fun and can be the best time of your life.  Make sure that you are safe and stay out of harm’s way when you are out and about in your college town.