Tips for Creating Your Own Career Path in Your 20s

Creating a career for yourself and considering your career path looks like is overwhelming at any age.  It is especially overwhelming when you are in your 20’s or late teen years.  With millions of steady jobs offered in the work field, creating your own career or role can be even more scary.

However, for many of us, after spending time in conventional jobs that don’t feel right, building your own career seems less scary and more appealing.  Follow these tips to go after what you’re passionate about and create your own career path.

  1. Follow your hobbies! Oftentimes, hobbies and doing what you love will lead you down a path to success.  There are so many opportunities to turn your career path into something that you are truly passionate about and interested in.  Love clothing and design, but you don’t know where to even start with creating it?  Maybe you want to start a mobile boutique…
  2. Be willing to be mentored. Find someone who has walked your walk and has similar interests.  Connect with that person.  It is likely that they have experienced many of the same things that you are going through and might offer some valuable insight while you are getting started on your journey.  Doesn’t have to be a physical mentor relationship.  With the internet and all of its capabilities, you can even connect over social media!
  3. Be unique. While you are creating your own career path, make sure that you don’t model your path off anyone else’s.  It is extremely important to create a niche about whatever you decide you are going to do.  Focus on something small, you can always expand later.
  4. Do you. There may not always be resources out there when you are looking to start a new career path.  So, don’t be scared when you hit a road bump or two.  Always remember- there are no rules to this!  Find what feels right and fits you best… and chase your dream!


And if all else fails—corporate jobs will always be out there.  Take a chance while you are young… that is time you will never get back!