Tips on Getting Out of The Door Faster in The Morning

Mornings are tough! Isn’t it crazy how we can go to bed with the best attitude and intentions of waking up early the next morning, but as soon as the morning comes, all those good intentions go right out the window? Unfortunately, we all go through this. However, there are several ways to prep the night before so you can get out the door as quick as possible in the morning!

1. Pack your lunch the night before. Meal prepping is the new thing. But something I have learned is not to just prep your meals for the week, but right before you go to bed, gather your breakfast and lunch and place it all together and in one spot so it is easy to grab on your way out the door.

2. Drink coffee? Make it the night before. If you drink coffee, does your coffee pot have a timer? If possible, get your coffee pot ready to go and set your timer so the coffee is brewed for you when you wake up. Seems like a fancy feature, but you can buy coffee pots with timers from Walmart for like $20. I promise you, it’s amazing to wake up to fresh coffee. This will also save you the hassle of prepping the coffee that morning.

3. Arrange your outfit for the next day. Simple, huh? Just gather exactly what you want to wear the next day, lay it out with your shoes and your jewelry, and the next morning you will be set. You won’t have to worry about running around the house trying to find articles of clothing last minute.

4. Set your launch pad up. A launch pad is an area right next to your door that has all of your necessities for leaving the house. Make sure your keys, sunglasses, umbrella, jacket, water bottle, etc. are by the door and ready to go. Nothing will put you behind more than searching for your keys for 15 minutes.

I assure you, every minute counts in a morning routine. <3