Tips for Women Traveling Solo

Travel the world they said.  It will be fun they said.  Go alone, enjoy the sites, take it all in they said.

But as women, we often worry about traveling alone and worry about our safety.  But hey, just because we are women doesn’t mean we need to be scared of the outside world.  We just have to be aware of our surroundings and always be attentive.  So, if traveling is on your bucket list, and you want to go enjoy the world, and can’t find anyone to go with you, you go girl!  But before going… read our tips to travel safely.

  1. Be confident! Again, confidence is everything.  Especially for a woman traveling alone.  Don’t look scared, worried, or even nervous.  Whether you are lost or in trouble, remain confident and attentive at all times.  Remember, it will be okay.  Stay calm.
  2. Don’t go out and about after the sun sets. Everything is scarier at night, and people that are harmful typically like to come out at night.  So, do your site seeing during daylight and you will be fine!  The sites aren’t as pretty at night any way!
  3. Always have a plan. Make sure you schedule phone calls with someone back home at the same time each day so they can keep tabs on you and your safety.  Also, if something feels weird, tell the receptionist at a restaurant, or even staff at your hotel.  When you sense something isn’t right, there is a good chance it isn’t.  Pay attention to your instincts!
  4. Embrace the sites. Take the time to take everything in and enjoy your time away!  Take pictures, take it in, and see all you can the time you are there.

Be sure to have fun and do what you want to do with your life.  Just be sure you are always safe! <3